Cкайп-лекція "Disputes Management"

In cooperation with Kyiv University Mediation & Negotiations Club and ACLC, Niall Lawless has kindly agreed to hold a skype-lecture for Ukrainian students on May 23. The lecture will cover the topic of Risk Evaluation in Disputes Management as a process, necessary to make sensible commercial decisions. Moreover, Mr. Lawless will be glad to address those who want to succeed on ICC Commercial Mediation Competition with a few pieces of advice as he attends this event every year for a long time.

Mr. Niall Lawless is a professional in the sphere of Dispute Resolution with top-rank expertise in Arbitration, Adjudication and Mediation working on the Chinese construction market.

Mr. Lawless has solid experience in disputes involving the quality of construction work and engineering installations, the provision of professional services, the valuation of variations, delay, disruption and prolongation.